Bottom-up digital asset hosting & auditing

How to TikTag Get TikTag

TikTag is on open Beta!
Stay tuned by joining our conversation on Keybase.

How TikTag works as CLI app:

				Host an asset,
				> tiktag myfilename.png
				> Tik ...Tag ... your asset is successfully hosted at,

						Retrieve an asset's URI
						> tiktag find myfilename.png
						> We found this asset at,

	`TikTag` is firstly a tool for self-hosting your photos or digital assets. 
By sharing the cryptographic foot-prints of your assets with `TikTag`,
NOT the assets themselves,
you're gaining [_trustless trust_]( from others over your assets.
This, is THE foundation to make your creative works valuable.

Back to the Basics

		Command-line is faster than drag-and-drop in handling digital assets.

Trustless Trust, End-to-End

		Stay transparent to gain trustless trust on digital assets handling before minting and trading them on NFT

Close the Value Loop

		Benefit from Web3-ready ownership over your assets. Your assets stay yours until you give or sell them.

Download from Github

				Check out how to `go install` TikTag.

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Contributions welcome!

				Report bugs, leave a comment or share your feature wish-list. Join and build `TikTag` together!

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Join the Conversation!

				For announcement, community support and partnership enquiry.

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